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How To Care For Your Curls In Winter

Like our skin, our hair has different needs throughout the Winter which means our hair routine needs to be adjusted so that our curls stay happy and healthy during these colder months.

❄️  Deep condition

Don’t skip on this part of your wash day routine during the winter months!

Curls  are prone to dryness at the best of times, the natural shape of each hair strand exposes openings in the cuticle layer, allowing what natural moisture and nutrients the hair has to escape, add harsh elements to this and it guarantees you dry curls!

Deep Conditioning helps prevent breakage, brittleness and helps to keep curls moisturised.

Here are some we love:


❄️  Seal it all in!

By adding in a little oil to your routine can really help lock in the moisturising properties you’ve laid down before. Many practise the LOC method (Leave in, oil, Cream) throughout the year and not just during the winter months or if like me you have coarse hair LCO (leave in, cream, oil).

Alternatively if you feel like your hair cant handle either of these methods, finish off your styling routine with a little oil to keep your curls protected from outside elements, like cold dry air, or indoor central heating and to keep your moisture in!

Here are some of our favourites:


❄️  Hold back on the humectants

Humectants give our curls moisture during the summer months by taking it from air all-around. However, they tend to do the opposite during winter months, drawing moisture out from your potentially already dry hair, making it even drier and more susceptible too breakage. Go easy on stylers with some of the following ingredients in or high up on the ingredient list – glycerin, fructose, sorbitol, and panthenol

Here are some that we recommend;


❄️  TWEEK it, don’t completely change it!

Small changes are enough, do not think you have to do all of the above and more for the whole duration of the winter period and every wash day. Still take the time to find out what your hair needs or is lacking, do not continually throw moisture hits at it because you think that’s what you should be doing, do this, and you will have limp, lifeless curls!

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