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Quick Fixes

No Fuss, Lazy Hair Refresh

If you follow me on Instagram you may know I’m not fan of refreshing, one because my hair doesn’t respond well to it and two, I’m lazy when it comes to this!

Im fully invested in a wash day but refreshes? Well they need to be quick!

I find less is more when it comes to refreshing my curls, I use minimal product and only do the parts of my hair that really need it, don’t feel you have to refresh your entire head of curls, only do the parts that need a bit of TLC.

If I’m re wetting my hair I always use warm water as this will help open the cuticle and penetrate the hair. Most products re active when the hair is wet so judge how your hair feels when wet before applying more product on top of whats already there.

I spray enough water so my hair is around 60% saturated, I never fully wet my hair, this is a personal choice you can of course apply as little or much water as you wish. I have so much hair if I fully wet it i might as well do a full wash day!

I like to refresh with a gel as this is what my hair prefers, however you can refresh with whatever you like to use. I take my chosen product and use praying hands to apply, smoothing the product from just above my ear, all the way down to the end of my hair ensuring the hair is coated. This is the quickest way to distribute product as you can cover large areas of hair in one go. I then scrunch the product in, if you feel you need a bit more product you can glaze a little extra over the curls you have re activated, scrunch again and move on to the next section.

You can then let you hair air dry or use a diffuser as I prefer to do, we want to maintain that volume right?! If you do choose to use a diffuser I recommend using a very low heat or cold air if you can, as I don’t fully wet my hair drying on cold air doesn’t take much longer for it to dry than using a higher heat.

Once dry I then take a little oil to scrunch out any excess crunch and smooth away any unruly frizz and your good to go!

Products I love to refresh with:

This normally takes me around 10 minutes to do, i always say to fellow curlies and remind myself refreshes are not meant to be perfect and not to put pressure on yourself to achieve first day curls from doing so, if it buys you another day or so then mission accomplished!

If you want to see me doing my No Fuss/Lazy refresh, check out my youtube video below.



Happy refreshing!

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