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How-To Guide

How to create volume

Let’s talk about volume..

I love big hair, bigger the better! I would take volume over definition any day but if you manage both on a wash day, well your living your best curl life!

There are two factors that can have an effect on your volume or the lack of, these are the products your using and how you apply these to your hair.


Once you have an understanding of your hair and its type you can chose products accordingly, what works for one may not work for another.

If you have fine curls you don’t want to be applying a heavy cream which will weigh your curls down and result in no volume, instead try a light gel or foam and look for products with a small amount of protein in (see my hints & tips post on this for more information on protein) which will help ‘puff’ out the hair cuticle creating a fuller effect.

Application of products:

I never apply products to my root area..NEVER.  If you do that’s absolutely fine again what works for one may not work for another, however as  rule of thumb applying product to the root area will hinder your volume potential!

Here are my holy grail tips for maximum volume:

  • Don’t apply conditioner or stylers to your root area, that goes for the underneath part too!
  • Do apply stylers mid way down the hair
  • Don’t keep your head still while drying and your hair in the same position throughout the drying process
  • Do lift your hair gently away from the scalp
  • Use a diffuser

Products I love to give me maximum volume!

A little of this distributed evenly through my hair before applying stylers gives my curls a little extra oomph!

I apply 1-2 pumps of foam by glazing it over the clumps formed, i find it makes my clumps that little bit bigger when dry.

And if your still craving even more volume once dry and fluffed, this hairspray will do just that! This contains protein, so if you hair is protein sensitive don’t be to heavy handed, you do not need much of this at all to get the desired effect.

I am of course not suggesting that the above is the only way you can create volume but the above are what 100% works for me and gives me the Big Hair Don’t care look I’m always going for!

Check out my video below on how I achieve maximum volume and what not to do!




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