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How-To Guide

How I use Bounce Curl products

Bounce Curl is a big name within the curly hair community at the moment, and it’s easy to see why.

Their founder Merian https://www.instagram.com/herbalmmo/ (check out her Instagram) has a Batchelor of Science degree with a strong focus on chemistry. Paired with having gorgeous long curly hair herself has set her up to create products that don’t use harsh chemicals and only use carefully selected ingredients that can style, moisturise and hold beautiful curls.

Thin haired curlies will benefit greatly from the style range, due to the protein content in some of the products; however, even though I have thick hair, I always get great results.

The clarifying shampoo and clump and define cream are my favourites from this brand, I often use this cream as a dual product using it as a leave-in and a cream before applying my gel.

The light cream gel definitely gives me “Bouncy” curls I just have to mind full of how much I apply as it contains protein and glycerin. When adding this gel into my 123 gel method routine, my curls always pop (check out my post on the 123 gel method for more info).

Check out my video below of how I apply the Clump and define cream and light cream gel

The hairspray also has multiple uses, not only can it be applied like regular hairspray (not too much though this stuff is strong!!) it can be used to add volume due to the wheat protein it contains.

I’ve seen many other fellow curlies with thin hair apply this when wet and using it as a styler alongside their other stylers. The protein in this will help “puff’ out the cuticle of the hair, making the appearance thicker.

For me this would send my hair into protein freak out; however, I use this on the under part of my hair (which isn’t as curly) when dry to help it hold and encourage the curl that is there.

All of these products are lovely, and work well with other products from other brands should you wish to add one into your wash day routine.

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