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Join the Healthy Hair Journey

This healthy hair journey is a continuous one; we are forever learning things about our hair and the best way to care for it. As my knowledge grows I want to share this with you, and it’s here you’ll find this (hopefully useful!) information.

First of all, let me start by saying I am not a trained hairdresser or curl specialist in any way, shape or form.

The information you find here has come from my experiences and findings based on my curl journey. I will be forever updating this section as I’m learning more and more each wash day!

I wanted to include this section to share what I’ve learnt and keep all technical aspects of curls/hair in one place. Think of this as an easy pit stop if you need to find out about something in a bit more depth.

If like me you find some of the hair jargon overwhelming and confusing (proteins, density, ingredients… Mind. Blown!!) then I hope you find this section helpful. You will find many other blog sites with a much more deeper and scientific content but that’s not me, I’ve tried to simplify some of these topics in the way that I've come to understand them with some fun analogies along the way.

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How to  Look After Your Curls During Summer Months

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How I use Bounce Curl products
How-To Guide

How I use Bounce Curl products

How I use one of the most popular brands at the moment

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Bounce Curl

Bounce Curl are committed to creating products that do not use harsh chemicals. They carefully select ingredients that can style, moisturise and hold your beautiful curls. Check our their range now!

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