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Curly Friendly Products

What does the Curl friendly sticker mean?

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There are many methods and approaches on how to care for naturally curly hair.

Some follow a no heat rule, some are strict on ingredients, some using specific techniques when washing and styling, some never colour or dye their curls and some follow all!

For me, I found a huge difference when I started focusing on products and the ingredients within them. I honestly believe good hair starts with great products!

In a time where we are all aware of what we are putting in and, on our bodies, hair is no exception. It has been long said that the following ingredients are not deemed suitable for curly hair due to the disposition of natural hair texture. By using products free of these ‘nasties’ as I like to call them, a considerable difference in the appearance and overall health of the hair can be seen.

Ingredients not so curl friendly:

·Sulfates – namely sodium lauryl sulfate & ammonium laureth sulfate
· Non-water soluble silicones
· Alcohol

Products like these below contain non of the above

Ingredients can be overwhelming, especially when first starting to care for your hair; therefore, I have done some of the research for you and have created a Curl Friendly sticker. These products don’t contain the ‘nasties’ deemed not suitable for our hair and pass the Curl Friendly ingredients test!

If you see the Curl friendly sticker next to a product, you can buy knowing that it won’t affect your hair routine if following methods that strictly advise none of these ingredients. I have inputted the ingredients into several curl apps to conclude if they are Curl friendly or not. These look for silicones, oils, and waxes that can build-up, as well as harsh sulfates.

With this said, always read the label carefully and do a check yourself if you’re not sure.
For those products that don’t have the sticker, it doesn’t mean that these are not suitable for curly hair or don’t contain natural or safe ingredients, it may mean they don’t fit in with the some of the strictest of curly girls ingredient guideline.

Some ingredients may be borderline with some people considering these Curl friendly safe ingredients, (they may be fine in low amounts) while others do not agree.

There can be variations on how strict you want to be when caring for your curls; you must always do what’s best for your hair. While one curly may wish to use a product with one ingredient in, another may not.. There’s no right or wrong!

I have used all products on my hair, and none have a negative effect on my curls whether they have been entirely free of these ‘nasties’ or not.