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Interview with Lucy Palmer, Founder of Hair Gain

Lucy Palmer is the founder of Hair Gain, she developed the award winning supplements alongside expert trichologists and nutritionists, to help the eight million women in the UK who suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives. Hair Gain’s ambition is to help break down the taboo so women know they are not alone and do not need to suffer with their hair loss in silence.


 Can you tell us more about yourself and share your journey to starting Hair Gain?

Hair Gain has truly been a personal journey for me. It all started when I experienced severe postpartum hair loss a few months after the birth of my daughter Molly, eight years ago.

Experiencing hair loss is miserable, I lost handfuls of hair each day and clogged the bathroom plug on numerous occasions –  it really knocked my confidence.

I had never been warned about postpartum hair loss and had no idea it was a problem facing 300,000 women a year.

I researched furiously for a product that would stop my hair shed. But I couldn’t find anything that resonated with me – it was all either far too ‘medical’ or seemed to be aimed at teenagers with no claims or active ingredients that would actually help support my hair – that’s when the journey to creating Hair Gain began.

I wanted to create a premium hair supplement for women like me who were suffering with hair loss – one that was scientifically formulated using all the vitamins, minerals, botanicals and aminos needed for healthy hair growth from within – wrapped in gorgeous packaging that anyone would be proud to have on their shelf.


What have you found to be the main or most common cause of hair loss?

 There are so many reasons for hair loss – medical conditions, nutritional deficiencies, menopause, hormone fluctuations, post-partum hair loss and overstyling are just some of the common reasons that we talk about frequently. However, over the last couple of years we have heard from more and more of our customers who are taking Hair Gain because they are suffering from stress induced hair loss. Not surprising given the events over the last couple of years would have significantly increased the stress and anxiety levels in millions of us across the world.


Apart from taking a high quality hair supplement, what’s the best advice you could give someone experiencing hair loss/hair thinning?

  • Try to stop fixating on your hair loss – I found it can be a vicious cycle and it can really get you down, this makes you more anxious and can cause further hair loss. My advice is to try and distract yourself from it as much as possible..
  • Have a full health mot to check your bloods and hormones etc to make sure there are no deficiencies or health issues that may be causing or contributing to the hair loss.

There are so many myths about hair loss and the causes of it, what’s the weirdest one you’ve heard?

There are indeed! I think the strangest couple I have heard is that wearing hats can cause hair loss and if you wash your hair too much it will fall out! Both so ridiculous they are funny!

How did you discover the amazing properties of the organic pea shoot in relation to hair growth and hair health?

My background is in food supplements and nutrition, so I decided to put my extensive knowledge to good use in creating a product that worked for women like me.

I spent two years formulating Hair Gain, working alongside the very best nutritionists and trichologists. It was during that time that I discovered the clinical studies for our incredible trademarked ingredient AnaGain™ which as you mention, is derived from the small but mighty organic pea shoot.

It has been shown to stimulate specific signal molecules in the dermal papilla responsible for reactivating hair growth. It also prolongs the hair growth cycle by improving the anagen-telogen coefficient (the proportion of active hair follicles to degenerating ones). This results in a greater number of hairs being grown and an improvement in the strength and quality of existing hairs, resulting in increased hair growth, reduced hair loss and breakage, and the maintenance of hair’s density and thickness.

The molecules that AnaGain™ helps to promote are called Noggin and Fibroblast growth factor-7 (FGF7 ) – both are signalling compounds that help to increase the number of hairs in the anagen phase and reduce the amount of telogen hair.

 What’s the difference between the Hair Gain capsules and gummies?

 They contain exactly the same amount of our key phytonutrient AnaGain™ and both are extremely efficacious. However, the capsules are our highest clinically dosed product and contain two extra ingredients – MSM and Bamboo Extract.

Most customers simply choose one or the other based on their lifestyle choices though.

Can you share your top 3 haircare tips that you believe will support people’s journey towards healthier and stronger hair?

  • In addition to a daily hair supplement like Hair Gain, implement a hair care regime that incorporates an intensive hair mask once a week to nourish and hydrate your locks and revitalise your scalp.
  • Swap your brush for a wide tooth comb, avoid using heated styling tools wherever possible and don’t tie your hair up in tight ponytails – use a scrunchie instead.
  • Keep the water in your the shower warm rather than hot and use a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one.


Hair Gain Gummies have won the following two coveted awards in the Hot 100 hair magazine awards:

  • BEST HAIR SUPPLEMENT: Hair Gain Hair Gummies Fuller & Thicker Hair
  • BEST HAIR LOSS PRODUCT: Hair Gain Hair Gummies Fuller & Thicker Hair

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