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How-To Guide

How To Incorporate A Brush Into Your Routine

Learning to brush your curls correctly can become an essential part of your hair routine. If done correctly, brushing won’t ruin your curls; it can enhance and help define your curl pattern, especially when it comes to styling.

Correct brushing of curly hair requires a little more time, a good quality hair brush, and lots of hydration. Stick to these and you shouldn’t have to worry about brushing resulting in damage.

However, if not done properly or with the incorrect hair brush for your curl type, this could cause long-term or, in some serve cases, permanent disruption to your curl pattern.

Should I brush my curls wet or dry?

Brushing curly hair when wet is safer and a more manageable task all-round; brushing while wet can help define the curl’s integrity while making the detangling process a much smoother ride. Adding moisture and hydration into the mix helps loosen and soften tangled hair, which helps stop unnecessary hair potentially shedding during the hair brushing process.

Brushing curly hair while dry can not only ruin the pattern, but the tension of doing so can cause breakage, particularly for tighter textures. Those with a looser curl pattern who sometimes like to brush before applying a ‘pre poo’ treatment are best to finger detangle most of the hair first before brushing it; this should only be done gently, starting from the bottom of the hair and working upwards.


How often should I brush my curls?

Short answer, not too often! A good way to align your brushing is to the same timings as when you wash your hair, but what works best can vary based on curl type and the condition of the hair.

What type of brush is best for curls?

Curly hair is already compromised due to dryness so its highly likely that a rough textured bristle will cause friction and snagging resulting in breakage and weaking of the hair.

Luckily there are so many choices when it comes to brushes suitable for curls and waves, however what you  choose to detangle with may not be what you choose to brush your products through and style with.

Our favourite for detangling:

Heres are our top tips to detangle and brush curly hair safely:

  •  Add moisture
  •  Detangle thoroughly
  • Work from the bottom up
  • Don’t over brush – avoid brushing the same area too frequently
  • Work in sections

Our favourite for styling:

Generally-speaking, brush styling can help enhance any curl pattern and smooth frizz just be sure to choose the right brush for you and your curl type.

If you need of some bespoke curly hair tips and styling recommendations you can reach us at hello@houseofcurls.co.uk

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