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Real Life Curls

Comfortable In My Own Hair

I woke up this morning to a comment on one of my Instagram posts which read “your hairs not even curly”.


Did I take offence? No, it made me smile I hit the block button, and got on with my day.  What it did do was give me a kick up the backside to write this post, something I’ve meaning to do for a while.


I’ve been on this healthy hair journey for just over a year now, and for the last couple of months, I’ve been thinking about how my perception and expectations of my hair have changed.


When I decided to start caring for my hair my ultimate goal was to get my hair as curly as possible, a head full of big juicy ringlets would be proof to myself that I have mastered this world of curls, do my hair justice after all those years of subjecting it to hot tongs and be able to hold my head up high as a true curly


My hair texture isn’t tight curls or loose waves; it falls somewhere in between and can change form one wash day to the next. With mindful application and effort, I can create more curls than what would naturally occur on their own, and If I leave my hair and apply no product its more waves than curls. Does this mean I have no right to be here within this community of curls, waves, Kinds and coils? Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but the bottom line is this is my natural hair, and it has texture whatever category it falls into.


It’s sometimes hard to know where you stand when talking about your curls in fear of being shamed that you’re implying that their something there not, maybe that’s because we’ve become obsessed with what type of curl we have or what we want them to be? Our end goal must be labelled, and in this instance, it’s where we fall on the texture chart.


The funny thing for me was that as my curls evolved and my obsession with creating a head full of perfect ringlets peaked as I was able to get pretty close to this, I realised that as much as I love this look on others I don’t actually like this on myself, its just not me.


This was when the next chapter of my healthy hair journey turned a corner. I realised that I was getting most of my fulfilment and enjoyment from experimenting with products, learning what ingredients can and can’t do and how they can have such a dramatic effect on a wash day. Setting myself up for disappointment and worry that if my curls weren’t curly enough that I couldn’t share my results in fear of living up to the progression of my journey, just wasn’t doing it for me.


Don’t get me wrong I still love a challenge of striving to get a whole lot of definition or soft fluffy waves or whatever takes my fancy when wash day comes around, this is what makes our hair so special and unique and will continue to experiment to see the different looks I can achieve.


As my mindset has shifted, it’s the ingredients that have now become more important to, me along with how my hair feels rather than achieving a certain look. This is why my passion for good products has turned into a business. Knowing that my hair is healthy, has made me feel confident not to follow all the rules of certain methods and instead make up my own by doing what’s right for me and my hair.

So if anyone is having a moment doubting that what’s growing out of their head isn’t good enough or for those that have decided to start this journey now we have extra time on our hands and are thinking is this right thing to do, will I belong here? (it is, by the way, do it!), just remember is not a competition to see who’s got the curliest hair, or who can achieve it with the less amount of product, or who’s spent the least amount of time styling and drying. Taking care of your hairs health is the best thing you can do for it, whatever its potential is, it will be more than you dreamed of if you learn to accept it.

Claire x




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