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About Us

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Hair Care is Self-Care

Who Are we?

House of Curls is redefining how we think about our hair and its relationship to our health and wellness. In a world where we now know that beauty isn’t just skin deep, what we see on the outside comes from within. 


House of Curls provides the best products that truly enhance your curls and waves, along with carefully selected premium inner beauty products that nourish your hair from within. Modern-day living is full of stress, anxiety, and external environmental factors that all play havoc with our internal well-being; these elements can considerably affect us physically and internally.


House of Curls inspiration doesn’t come from one personal hair journey but from so many others that have inspired us to ensure that we provide all aspects of hair care from start to finish.


For truly healthy hair, start on the inside and work your way out – hair care is self-care.


Meet our Founder

In 2019 after breaking my wrist, my focus turned towards caring for my unruly hair while one-handed, and it soon became a passion that I couldn’t ignore. Struggling to find product’s and searching endlessly online trying to find answers to my hair problems, it became clear that products for those with natural hair, whether it be kinks, coils, curls or waves, had no place hidden away. These products and information needed to be easily accessible like all other forms of hair care, so House of Curls was born.


My passion for helping people understand their hair has seen the brand evolve to incorporate hair health and its importance. Not only do we provide premium hair care products to enhance our outer beauty, we now offer help and products for issues that I see many struggle with; the health of their hair. Stress, hormones, diet all affect our outer beauty, including hair and unfortunately, there is no magic product that we can apply to truly change its health.


Your hair will flourish by creating a positive circle of health, products, and wellness, making each wash day that much easier; healthy hair is easier to maintain than unhealthy hair!


I hope you will join me on my continuous healthy hair journey and make me a part of yours!