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About Us

First of all, thank you for visiting House of Curls. I hope you find everything you are looking for here when it comes to curls, waves, kinks and coils!

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I’m Claire founder of House of Curls, and In March 2019, I broke my wrist. For someone who doesn’t deal well with not being in control, I had to turn to my husband for help with everyday tasks that we all take for granted when fit and healthy. One of these tasks was to wash my hair…. Now for all that know me, my hair has always been (and still is!) something I have an issue allowing other people to touch or style…

Anyway, I had no other choice but to leave my hair in my husband’s hands. I decided to document how I managed this period of washing and styling my hair one-handed on the social media platform, Instagram, and from that House of Curls was born..

I have always tried to care for my hair the best way I knew how and for the most of my life have enjoyed the hair I’m blessed with (there was a brief period that I convinced myself I should fight nature and go straight, but this didn’t go too well). Being the only one within the family with thick, coarse, curly hair, I grew up not knowing how to care for my curls in the correct healthy way.

I struggled to find product’s and would search endless online to trying to find the answers to my problems, and it wasn’t until I found the Curly community on social media platforms that I finally found the answers I had been searching for. From this it led me to different methods of caring for natural hair along with a greater understanding of product and ingredient information that can ultimately hinder or help your curls.

This wonderful curly community on social media is helping many people across the world accept and care for their natural hair. Yet a lot of people still find it difficult to find the products to care for their hair.

I wanted to create a space that had everything in one place, easy buying access to all these amazing products, along with information and help. I wanted this website to be based around and similar to how we care and treat our hair. Caring for curls and waves is a process and a methodical one at that, there are so many stages of a wash day which sometimes be overwhelming especially when trying to figure out the product’s to do so.

House of Curls aims to provide you with a no-fuss and straightforward approach to caring for your hair. Speaking from experience and conducting research has shown that searching endlessly for products goes some way in contributing to why people give up when caring for their curls, I know I did! This can happen no more!

So I hope you will join me on my continuous healthy hair journey and make me a part of yours!


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