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Type 2a & 2b

Wavy/Loose Curls

A loose curl is at its happiest with volume-boosting foams and light sprays and gels.

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Type 2c & 3a

Classic Curl

Consistency is key. When healthy, classic curls will bloom, with natural fullness.

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Type 3b & 2b

Tight Curl

This hair types require deep hydration to soak into each strand, not sit on the surface.

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Type 4a, 4b & 4c

Kinky/Coily Curl

A close-knit curl pattern means luxurious volume, kinky curls shrink up and out.

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Hair Care is Self-Care

In a world where we now know that beauty isn't just skin deep, what we see on the outside comes from within. We believe a three-step approach to caring for your hair will help ensure you create the healthiest hair possible.

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Travel in style with these refillable travel pouches from Kitsch - perfect for taking your haircare products on that weekend getaway!

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Curl Education


Perimenopause & Menopause Hair – What you need to know

How this intense fluctuation of hormones directly affects our hair health

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Real Life Curls

Interview with Lucy Palmer, Founder of Hair Gain

Lucy Palmer is the founder of Hair Gain, who developed the award winning supplements alongside expert trichologists and nutritionists.

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Four Ways Collagen Benefits Hair

Want to know how Collagen can improve your hair health? Keep reading!

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